Congratulations for being recognized by the Florida Commissioner of Education as being one of the highest impact teachers in the state.  This is an impressive accomplishment and honor.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment to our students and for representing this school district so well.  Each recipient was presented with a certificate at the March 7, 2017, School Board meeting.

Judith Adler, Math Teacher, Yearling Middle School

Thomas Anderson, Teacher, Tantie Juvenile Residential Facility

Sylvia Bandi, Math Teacher, Yearling Middle School

Randi Barnes, Math Teacher, Osceola Middle School

Carla Boggs, Language Arts Teacher, OHS/Freshman Campus

Lindsey Borcherding, Math Teacher, Yearling Middle School

Britani Bryner, Math and Science Coach, District Office

Deborah Campbell, PE Teacher, South Elementary School

Jennifer Ellis, 4th Grade Teacher, South Elementary School

Robert Ellis, ESE Varying Exceptionalities Teacher, Osceola Middle School

Lori Harper-Kyle, Reading Teacher, Okeechobee High School

Paul Jackson, Math Teacher, Osceola Middle School

Patricia Kenney, ESE Varying Exceptionalities Teacher, Seminole Elementary

Sonya Smith, Math Teacher, Osceola Middle School

Michael Talas, Language Arts Teacher, Okeechobee High School

Jerilynn Ward, ESE Varying Exceptionalities Teacher, North Elementary School

Laura White, 4th Grade Teacher, Seminole Elementary School